New preprint

Secondary Excitation of Spin-Waves: How Electromagnetic Cross-Talk Impacts on Magnonic Devices

This work examines the impact of electromagnetic cross-talk in magnonic devices when using inductive spin-wave (SW) transducers. We present detailed electrical SW spectroscopy measurements showing the signal contributions to be considered in magnonic device design. We further provide a rule of thumb estimation for the cross-talk that is responsible for the secondary SW excitation at the output transducer. Simulations and calibrated electrical characterizations underpin this method. Additionally, we visualize the secondary SW excitation via time-resolved MOKE imaging in the forward-volume configuration in a 100nm Yttrium-Iron-Garnet (YIG) system. Our work is a step towards fast yet robust joint electromagentic-micromagnetic magnonic device design.

Press release

TV report for Italia1

A video on the implementation of the Project M&MEMS at Politecnico di Milano has been recorded and transmitted on the TV channel Italia1, on 31 January 2023. In this video Prof. Bertacco describes for a wide audience the idea of magnonic devices for RF applications. The video is part of a program “Mag di Studio Aperto Generazione Europa” by TGCOM24, realized in the framework of partnership with the European Commission to disseminate the results of the projects Next Generation EU.

The full video can be found on the TGCOM24 website:—next-generazione-europa-_60571432-02k.shtml



New Publication

Impact of Spin-Wave Dispersion on Surface-Acoustic-Wave Velocity

The dependence of the velocity of surface acoustic waves (SAWs) as a function of an external applied magnetic field is investigated in a Fe thin film epitaxially grown on a piezoelectric GaAs substrate. The SAW velocity is observed to strongly depend on both the amplitude and direction of the magnetic field. To interpret the experimental data a  phenomenological approach to the relative change in SAW velocity is implemented. We find that the experimental velocity variation can be well reproduced provided that the spin-wave dispersion is taken into account. The validity of this phenomenological model is attested by the comparison with a fully magnetoelastic one. Nonreciprocity of SAW velocity is also addressed both experimentally and theoretically.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.18.064043


Kick off meeting

On November 14th & 15th 2022 the kick off meeting of M&MEMS took place in Kaiserslautern. Scientists from all consortium partners came together to discuss the first steps of the project and to get to know each other better.