Magnonics meets micro-electro-mechanical systems

A new paradigm for communication technology and radio-frequency signal processing

In today’s fast-paced world, the significance of efficient RF signal processing cannot be overstated. It’s the beating heart of modern communication and radar technology, ensuring lightning-fast data transmission and pinpoint target detection. The M&MEMS project aims at combining the tunability of magnonic systems with the power efficiency and the agility of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), thus empowering a new generation of RF devices.

Combining expertise

Nine partners from academia and industry combine their broad range of leading expertise in the fields of magnonics, MEMS, material science and RF electronics. Using simulations and experiments we will optimize the individual magnonic and MEMS building blocks and integrate these in a standalone PCB demonstrator. 

Small, reconfigurable and efficent

By bringing together MEMS technology and permanent micromagnets, we plan to bring magnonics from the lab to real world application. M&MEMS chip, which have the capacity to disrupt the wafer-scale based hardware industries, will serve as the cornerstones of a new technology platform bringing spin-wave devices to a new level in terms of energy efficiency, agility, reconfigurability and footprint.

Neuromorphic Magnonics Workshop

Maria Cocconcelli presented the first experimental validation of the monolithic approach at the Neuromorphic Magnonics Workshop in Paris.

3rd on-site meeting in Leuven

Members of the M&MEMS project met at imec in Leuven (Belgium), discussing the advances in the design and production of novel magnonic-MEMS hybrid prototypes.

New publication

Secondary Excitation of Spin-Waves: How Electromagnetic Cross-Talk Impacts on Magnonic Devices